Derek Bangert 11/14/2022
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"This place has amazing tortillas, I can't say enough about them. If you are able to taste the fresh off the press tortillas made with local corn you will understand what I am talking about. These are now my go-to for any recipe that needs tortillas, including chips. The owners are wonderful people and if you are able to go to their Mezcal tastings that they host every month you can get to know them too!"
Celia Luner 11/16/2022
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"Julian and Heidi are so educated about their craft and personal to this community! Their tortillas are the best and are sourced from locally grown corn in the area. Each tortilla is made completely from scratch in the tortilleria by Julian, Heidi, and a small group of locals. You can’t get any more homemade and authentic than that. Each month Tortilleria Zepeda hosts a Mezcal tasting. When we went, Julian went into the history of Mezcal and its process. We tasted a variety of Mezcals each hand-picked by Julian from places in Mexico near where he grew up. We also got a tour of the facilities to see the tortilla-making process. Both Heidi and Julian are so educated about the process and make it so accessible for others to learn as well"
Kari Hoff 1/2/2023
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"I had the good fortune of touring Tortilleria Zepeda this weekend. It is incredible to see the care and quality of their operation. Local corn, traditional tortilla-making methods and tools, and a love for what they are doing make this place and the tortillas a must-try. (And we can’t wait to return for one of their mezcal-tasting events!)"
Jesse Garrison 1/7/2023
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"Having known Heidi and Julian for years now, the passion and care with which they approach life clearly shines through in the quality and taste of the tortillas from Tortilleria Zepeda. These are my must have for any recipe requiring tortillas! They are consistently praised by all I serve them to! Thank you Heidi and Julian for the tour of your facility and the impromptu mezcal tasting, great pairing with the fresh tortillas!"
Meaghan Lingis 5/10/2023
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"I have had nearly every corn tortilla available in markets. El Milagro was my favorite...until I met Tortilleria Zepeda. The texture is the best I've ever found...bar none. Holds together beautifully like no other. So easy to cook with! Thank you so much!"
Jeff Henriques 5/30/2023
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"I can't rave enough about these tortillas. They don't fall apart like most corn tortillas, but most importantly, they have flavor. The tortillas make my meals taste better whether I'm using them in enchiladas or mixing up a batch of fish tacos. I'm not going back to the other brands."