Tortilleria Zepeda

Tortilleria Molino

Nixtamalized corn tortillas and masa 

Pre-Hispanic drink & food workshops

Our Story

About Us

Heidi left her home state of Wisconsin in 2013 to seek adventure south of the border in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There she met her husband, Julian Zepeda, who was working as a Marine Biologist and a few years later they moved to the United States. They decided to set roots in Madison, Wisconsin near Heidi’s hometown of Spring Green. Disappointed with the lack of “authentic Mexican” tacos in Madison, Julian quickly realized the reason behind the missing Mexican authenticity , was the tortilla. He then asked Heidi, “With fields upon, fields of beautiful corn in Wisconsin, why is no one making fresh corn tortillas?” She responded, “great question!” This is how it all started… In 2018, they quickly got to work.